Our impact

Fighting corruption in more than 120 countries around the world

Since 1993, we’ve been working around the world to stop corruption.

We’ve fought to put in place binding global conventions against corruption. We’ve held governments and companies to account, exposing the corrupt and dodgy deals (saving more than US$2 billion in the Czech Republic alone). We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people to take a stand.

Thanks to the support of people like you all this and more has been possible. Join us and help create a cleaner, safer and more just world.

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Changing lives

“I couldn’t have survived without the support I received from Transparency International.”

John Wilson (right), an Irish police officer who revealed systemic corruption in Irish traffic fines that was costing the public millions of dollars and putting lives at risk.

“Whatever we accomplished was because of them [Transparency International].”

Tereso de Jesús Granados (right), one member of a community in Guatemala that joined together to demand clean water and in the process brought about clean government.

Changing the system

We put corruption on the map with the first-ever Corruption Perceptions Index in 1995. The go-to reference point for decision-makers, companies and journalists, the index makes it impossible for leaders to ignore the problem.

Bribing foreign officials becomes an international crime in 1997, after we push for the creation of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention. As a result, US$1.56 billion was paid in foreign bribery penalties in 2014 in the US alone.

We open our first anti-corruption legal advice centres in 2003, offering a lifeline to corruption victims. To date 200,000+ people have got in touch to report corruption.

A major milestone in our campaign for international action against corruption: the UN Convention against Corruption is created in 2003. More than 170 countries have now signed up.

8,000+ corporations commit to fighting corruption after we make sure it is included in the UN Global Compact – the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative.

We release the biggest ever assessment of Europe’s corruption risks in 2012 reaching more than 1 million people, laws are changed across the region in response to our findings.

More than US$10 billion of pledged climate finance – money meant to slow down climate change and help communities adapt – will be distributed with zero tolerance corruption policies following our campaign.

G20 leaders commit in 2014 to making it harder for the corrupt to hide behind secret companies after our global campaign Unmask the Corrupt reaches more than 2 million people.

More than 150 world leaders listen to our call and include corruption-fighting in the Sustainable Development Goals – the boldest global commitment yet to end the abuse of power that’s trapping billions of people in poverty.

“From my own experience, I can say that the United Nation’s work on corruption benefitted enormously from the benchmarks developed by Transparency International”

Kofi Annan, former UN secretary general

“There is nothing which holds back balanced and socially beneficial development more than corrupt business practices, and Transparency International is in the forefront of the fight to root them out”

Sir Howard Davies, former chair of the UK Financial Services Authority

“The international youth camp completely changed my outlook. It showed me tools we can use to fix our country, to take matters into my own hands.”

Preet Ayoub Shaikh, participant at our international youth camp in Cambodia and co-founder of the Youth Movement for Transparency.

Solicitude impact

Success at UK Anti-Corruption Summit

Afghanistan, France, Kenya, the Netherlands, Nigeria and the UK sign up to publish registries of who owns and controls companies, making it harder to hide corrupt money.

300,000 Mexicans put forward anti-corruption bill

Massive campaign collects more than 300,000 signatures in 40 cities across Mexico and abroad to put new anti-corruption legislation forward to the Senate.

Cambodians fight corruption and save money

8,000 Cambodians collect their Anti-Corruption Card, commit to not paying bribes, and receive special discounts in shops across the city.

Thousands of Hondurans become land owners

The average citizen waited up to six years to register land and secure his or her home. Our report on corruption in land registration in Honduras changes the system.

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