A government launching a competitive tender, a company setting up operations abroad, a politician raising funds to campaign for office – these are just a few of the areas where corruption can breed. When it does, resources are wasted, the corrupt benefit at the expense of others, and societies suffer.

So, how do we prevent corruption in such scenarios?

Part of Transparency International’s work is to develop and promote practical tools that reduce the opportunities for corruption and enhance the ability of people and organisations to resist it. We work with experts from companies, universities and other NGOs to create tools suited to a range of situations in many sectors of society.

From monitoring public procurement processes, to concrete guidance for companies on avoiding extortion and curtailing bribery, to reliable diagnostics for measuring and mapping corruption, our tools give individuals and institutions creative solutions to some of the most common challenges in countering corruption.

Over the years, our tools have been adopted by governments, businesses, researchers and civil society groups in a wide range of fields. You can learn more about these tools by clicking the links at left or the themes below.