Transparency International’s secretariat tackles corruption on the regional and global stage.

Based in Berlin, the secretariat provides leadership for the movement’s international initiatives, supports chapters and coordinates our regional work through knowledge sharing, advocacy and coalition building.

In collaboration with chapters, the secretariat produces numerous research, tools and policy positions. It serves as a knowledge centre, offering valuable insights into the dynamics of corruption and new approaches to tackling it.

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The secretariat works to build coalitions. These efforts bring a wide variety of representatives together, including policy makers, citizens, companies and the media. Transparency International has played a crucial role in bringing about and bolstering anti-corruption initiatives, such as the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, UN Convention against Corruption and UN Global Compact.

The secretariat’s relationship with chapters is one of mutual support. Drawing on our broad-based expertise, the secretariat helps chapters develop the tools and techniques needed to address corruption in their countries. Our secretariat also facilitates the increase of financial and human resources, so that chapters are ever more effective in the fight against corruption. The secretariat brings international support for chapters facing pressure or intimidation in their respective countries.

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